Independent baby & toddler sling & carrier consultant

Discover the benefits

Considering buying a carrier or sling? There are many options on the market but not much info about the pros & cons of different styles. Not all carriers are created equal. I help you understand what to look for in a comfy carrier for parents & babies, & I have a wide range for you to try before you buy. Removes the uncertainty!

Already got a sling but it's hard to use, or not comfy? Or your sling allows back carries but you're unsure how to do it? I help you get the best from your sling, also giving tips & tricks so that you & your child get maximum benefit & enjoyment from your purchase. Arms getting tired carrying your toddler? I’ll show you the options.

Specialised Services
• One-to-one consultations
• Your home or mine
• Small groups
• Demonstrations via Skype
• Baby shower
• Fully qualified
• Friendly, flexible service
• Antenatal workshop
• Postnatal workshop
• Sling hire; try before buying
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